My First World Beauty Problems

First Word Beauty Problems

Recently, I stopped by Makeup Savvy’s blog post on her First World Beauty Problems. Inspired, I thought it would be fun  to write a list of my First world beauty problems. So here goes… Continue reading


Elemis FreshSkin Skin Clear Overnight Serum Review

Elemis FreshSkin Skin Clear Overnight Serum Review

This is an anti-blemish serum that helps minimise breakouts. I’ve been using it for the past year and I am nearly on my third bottle- so it’s definitely one of those products that becomes a staple in your beauty collection. Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Acne Faster

My acne struggles started about 2 years ago and although it’s calmed down a lot, I made a lot of bad decisions on the way that just made it worse. In this post, I’ve decided to share with you  some tips about how to treat acne, that I wish someone had told me. Some of them you may have heard of before, some of them you may not have, but I hope it helps, none the less. Continue reading

DIY Coconut Oil Skin Brightening Mask

If you haven’t purchased some pure/virgin coconut oil yet, where have you been? I mean, you should try pick some up from your local store, asap!

Coconut Oil has such a wide range of uses and it can benefit your body inside and out. It can be used on its own as a hair conditioner, lip balm or body moisturiser.

But one Mask I like to make with Coconut oil is a Brightening Mask.

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Tips on Saving Money on Makeup / Beauty that Every Girl Should Know

Being a bit of a product junkie, I’ve picked up some tricks that every girl should know to help save money on the high street. These purse friendly tips could help you save a little extra every month.

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5 Beauty Bargin Buys under £5

We can’t always splurge on high end makeup/beauty products (even if we’d really want to), but that doesn’t mean we should compromise on quality girls. I’ve picked out some of my favourite beauty products that don’t break that bank, but are still just as impressive.
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