When is it ok to show your Boyfriend your Makeup-Free Face?

No makeup

Are you the type of girl who sleeps with makeup on when your boyfriend’s around? Do you wake up early to rush to the bathroom to freshen up before he gets up? Or have you ever put a full face of makeup on because he’s coming round to drop something off?

Well girls, I think we’ve all been through it, admittedly some longer than others, but when should we stop trying so hard? When is it ok to go bare face in front of your partner? According to a study published on the Daily Mail it takes 4 weeks and 1 day- that’s very precise if you ask me, it’s not like your going to wake up on day 29 and say “right, it’s time to reveal to you my real face ”

Some think we do it because we’re not comfortable in our relationship, others suggests it’s because we don’t have enough self-confidence and believe our partners will leave us when they see our naked faces. And, from this point of view, only when we feel secure in our relationships, we will dare to go bare.

It sounds a little silly to me to be honest, I can’t imagine a man running away because your lips aren’t naturally ruby red. And to be honest, if he does, he probably wasn’t worth it to begin with. Saying this, what I’ve grown to learn over the years is that men tend not to notice a difference anyway.

So personally, I got over this stage relatively quickly a long time ago, but you know what – I think the longer you do it, the better! Why? Because making that extra effort means the relationship still feels new and fresh and you’re both still trying to impress each other; and I think this stage of the relationship is the most exciting. Look, it’s great sitting together in your sweats and no makeup, but once you stop making all that effort, you eventually get into the routine of sweats and no makeup being pretty standard, and you both don’t care either way. So, what I’m trying to say is, everyone eventually gets to that stage where you’re so comfortable with each other that you don’t care if your legs are shaven before coitus, but what’s the harm of keeping it going as long as possible? Embrace your femininity and do whatever makes you feel the most beautiful and run with it.

I’m not trying to say that if you don’t normally wear makeup you should start wearing it nor am I saying you shouldn’t be comfortable in your relationship. I believe you should be with someone who always makes you feel your best and loves you despite your flaws, but just try not to take that first stage of trying to impress eachother for granted.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with me? How long do you take before uncovering your makeup-free face?

Ameera x


11 thoughts on “When is it ok to show your Boyfriend your Makeup-Free Face?

  1. Totally agree with the relationship being new and exciting! It’s such a special time in a relationship and it goes away too fast! That being said there is something nice about being able to feel comfortable in sweats with no makeup. There’s definitely good aspects of each stage! Great post!

  2. I think my husband first saw me without makeup after about 3 months (which was actually our third proper date as he lived in Liverpool and I lived in sunderland) but he says he prefers me without makeup on. We are married and live together now but I still always wear makeup during the day, so he has given me a challenge to have five makeup free days in a month!

    • haha are you going to take him up on his challenge? Yea. I think women actually wear makeup to make themselves feel pretty and confident because I don’t think men care too much either way. xx

  3. I was the same, after the first time my boyfriend stayed at my apartment late…boy didn’t even stay the night I was like “I have a strict skin care regimine…so…I’m going to go do that now.” That was probably like two weeks of knowing each other and he still says he thinks I’m beautiful no matter what. I really think if it’s the right guy it won’t matter at all.

  4. I wouldn’t mind going bare faced in front of my partner (if I had one) the only thing that holds me back are the dark circles under my eyes! But I agree that we should make effort in front of our partners to look nice and to keep things fresh. But of course they shouldn’t mind seeing us without makeup on too. Going back to the beginning of the post though, I wouldn’t wake up before he does just so I can get my face on!

    Yazmin xx

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