PICTORIAL: Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid braid
Hiya lovelies!

Sorry for not posting much this week, but i’m back with a tutorial that literally takes 5 minutes. Don’t we all love those quick go-to hairstyles for when we’re tight on time? well, the milkmaid braid is perfect. I like it because it’s very feminine and romantic and of course it’s dead easy.

Milkmaid Braid tutorial



All you need to do is create two braids and wrapped them over the top of your head and pin in place. The only slightly tricky bit you need to know is…

after pinning in place the first braid, place the second braid directly on top of the first to cover any pins.  Then tuck the end  of the second braid under the first braid and pin in place.

This will avoid any loose bits showing and will minimise the amount of bobby pins on show.



So there you have it. a very quick post about a very quick hairdo.

Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂

Ameera xx

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