House of Lashes Pixie Luxe Review

House of Lashes Pixie Luxe eyelash glue adhesive

I discovered House of Lashes after seeing some of my favourite makeup artists using them on Instagram and what can I say- they did not disappoint. Pixie Luxe is part of their premium collection. I love this collection, I’ve tried Noir Fairy which is fab too and their new Starlet lashes are on my wishlist. All their lashes from their premium collection are layered which is great. They look so luxurious and when you compare them to your standard drugstore lashes you really appreciate their quality.

Their Pixie Luxe Lashes are X layered which look beautiful and they are dramatic but not over the top at all. You can wear them on any occasion, casual or formal, and they mean business. They are long lashes that are feathered out at the end which give a very feminine look. Personally, for me they were too long, so I had to cut them as you can see in the picture, but they looked beautz when I got them to the right size.

The packaging is great too. It comes with a hollow out section to allow you to store your lashes to keep its shape. I think it’s really important when buying lashes that you can store them properly.

On the other hand, one issue I’ve had is cleaning lashes from their premium range. I think you need to be extra careful with them so that no lashes fall out. I like to clean them straight after use with a cotton pad with makeup remover on it and gently wipe of any mascara, and pick off any glue.

House of Lashes Adhesive

$8 (£4.67)

You need to purchase the glue separately, but this glue is wonderful. The glue brush comes a bit like the shape of a liquid eyeliner which allows for great precision. Also It dries strong, but not too strong that it pulls your lashes/ skin out. So I defo recommend picking up one of their eyelash adhesives while your browsing their site.

Pixie Luxe lashes cost $12 (£7) or $30 (£17.50) for a pack of 3 and International shipping starts from $5.95 (£3.47). For premium quality lashes, I think this is pretty reasonable. Lastly, their international shipping is pretty fast too; my products were delivered to me in less than a week.

Have you ever tried any House of Lashes Products? What’s your favourite lashes?

Ameera xx


5 thoughts on “House of Lashes Pixie Luxe Review

      • That guide is so useful! Thank you! I might have to venture out of my comfort zone and get some because I think they look so pretty and it’s amazing how much they can change the appearance of a face. Just on me I freak out! Haha!

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