It’s Talk Beauty Blog’s 1 Month Birthday!!!

Blog's birthday

AHHHHH It’s Talk Beauty Blog’s 1 month birthday! Time has flown by and to be honest, I have to say, I have enjoyed every minute of it.

I can’t believe how supportive the blogging community is! Not only am I loving seeing my idea’s on screen, I’m also loving engaging with different bloggers through reading their blogs and different blogger chats.

I never realised how emotionally invested I would get in doing this, I appreciate every like, comment and follow, I have received and It puts a smile on my face every time a get a new notification. My husband and friends are getting bored of me talking about it because I’m always thinking of new things I can share with everyone, but I don’t care because it feels so rewarding. I’m loving sharing different tips, tricks and reviews, and I hope your enjoying reading them.

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone that has supported me so far and I can’t wait to see how my baby blog will progress in the future. Let me know if there’s anything you want me to talk more/less about in the future… hearing your feedback is the only way I can improve!

Love you all beauties!!

Ameera xx

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