My First World Beauty Problems

First Word Beauty Problems

Recently, I stopped by Makeup Savvy’s blog post on her First World Beauty Problems. Inspired, I thought it would be fun  to write a list of my First world beauty problems. So here goes…

Perfectly styled hair + Rain= Hello again Frizz

Living in constant fear that the beautician will thread my eyebrows too thin

Getting eyelash glue everywhere :/

Lipstick in teeth – (Embarrassing when it gets pointed out when you’re out:/)

Ingrown hairs (AHHHHH)

Putting on weight every time I try to loose weight

Trying to get my eyeliner the same shape on both eyes– This is an everyday issue

Brazilian/ Hollywood wax– need I say more?

Mascara dots in Eyeshadow

Trying to get foundation out of a bottle without a pump – Why?  Just why would you design a bottle like that??

So there you have it, my first world beauty problems. For the original post on Makeup Savvy’s Blog click here
Do any of these ever happen to you? Do you have anymore?

Ameera xx

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