How to Get Rid of Acne Faster

My acne struggles started about 2 years ago and although it’s calmed down a lot, I made a lot of bad decisions on the way that just made it worse. In this post, I’ve decided to share with you  some tips about how to treat acne, that I wish someone had told me. Some of them you may have heard of before, some of them you may not have, but I hope it helps, none the less.

Don’t Over Exfoliate
During moments of utter desperation I would literally want to scrub off a layer of skin. Don’t do that, when you have acne, your skin is already irritated, and you should be even gentler than normal. For example if you had a cut on your arm, you wouldn’t scrub that, would you? So no matter your skin type try to cut down on exfoliating, I would recommend using a gentle exfoliator once a week.

Don’t Try Too Many Products at Once
Another issue I would have is that I would pick up any products that promised results. But doing this would just confuse me on what’s working and what’s not. Try one thing at a time and consider it may take 1 month for you to see results from a product, so be patient. Also try to not get conned by the different marketing ploys, do your research and read up on the ingredients of products. Find out if what’s in them and whether it will benefit your skin. salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide & tea tree are good ingredients for targeting pimples, but can be drying on the skin.

Don’t Wear Too Much Makeup
Ok, I understand when you have acne it can affect your confidence and you can’t imagine leaving your house without makeup. I’m not going to judge you because I did the same thing. BUT, please, please don’t wear makeup at home. I promise you, your family aren’t going to care about your skin problems, and if you don’t ever leave your room without makeup, not only are you not giving your skin a chance to breath, your also not giving yourself a chance to emotionally get over what acne does to your self-esteem.

Drink Lots of Lemon Water
Yes, we’ve all heard that water helps clear the toxins out of your body. But try adding lemon, as it contains antibacterial properties that can help you clear the toxins faster.

Don’t Believe Everything Everyone Tells You
Ok I hope you guys have better experiences then me, but I trusted a skin clinic, a GP and a dermatologist throughout my acne journey and they all made my situation worse. When I confronted my dermatologist she just kept convincing me to buy more products. She even got me to pay £100 for a cream, that didn’t do much at all. So my advice to you would be, it’s very easy to just believe anything anyone tells you because you want it to work, but do your research, don’t use products or take medicines if you haven’t done your own research on first.

And Finally, Don’t Stress Out About It.
Ok this sounds a little condescending, but honestly stress makes spots wayyy worse. I was stressing out frantically over spots before my wedding, and guess what?! I had a couple bad pimples on my wedding day. But literally, from the day after, my skin started to clear up because I wasn’t stressed anymore. Truthfully, I learned that you are always your biggest critic, and your pimples are never as bad as you think they are. So take a breath, remember that there are a lot of people in worse situations and start to slowly accept it. Because it will get better.

Getting rid of acne can be struggle, but I hope these tips help you get you in the right direction. I hope you found this useful, let me know if the comments below…

Ameera x


5 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Acne Faster

  1. Totally agree with all of this advice! It’s so much better to really find a few products that work for you and try not to worry as much about how your skin looks, chances are you notice it waaaaaay more than anyone else. I only wear mineral foundation now and it’s not 100% coverage but at least I know it’s not harming my skin! Xx

    • Yea Alexandra, that’s the best thing to do. To be honest, nobody has perfect skin, and I don’t even notice if my friend has a couple marks, so I don’t know why I used to care so much and spend so much time trying to cover the imperfections that everyone has x

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