When is it ok to show your Boyfriend your Makeup-Free Face?

No makeup

Are you the type of girl who sleeps with makeup on when your boyfriend’s around? Do you wake up early to rush to the bathroom to freshen up before he gets up? Or have you ever put a full face of makeup on because he’s coming round to drop something off? Continue reading


PICTORIAL: Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid braid
Hiya lovelies!

Sorry for not posting much this week, but i’m back with a tutorial that literally takes 5 minutes. Don’t we all love those quick go-to hairstyles for when we’re tight on time? well, the milkmaid braid is perfect. I like it because it’s very feminine and romantic and of course it’s dead easy. Continue reading

House of Lashes Pixie Luxe Review

House of Lashes Pixie Luxe eyelash glue adhesive

I discovered House of Lashes after seeing some of my favourite makeup artists using them on Instagram and what can I say- they did not disappoint. Pixie Luxe is part of their premium collection. I love this collection, I’ve tried Noir Fairy which is fab too and their new Starlet lashes are on my wishlist. All their lashes from their premium collection are layered which is great. They look so luxurious and when you compare them to your standard drugstore lashes you really appreciate their quality. Continue reading

DIY Beginners Scotch Tape Nail Art

nail ART
Hey Lovelies!
Alright, so I wanted to share with you some simple steps for us beginner nail art enthusiasts. Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m not the gentlest or the most patient, so I’m not the best at this, but atleast I’m trying :). You’re never a loser until you quit trying-Mike Ditka. But anyway, It’s really simple to do, and I have so much faith that you’ll probably be able to do this soo much better than me if you give it a go. Continue reading

How To Clean Your False Lashes Like a Pro!

How to clean your false lashes Don’t you hate when you only get one use out of a pair of lashes? It’s annoying, the packaging says they’re reusable, but, they look hideous on when the old glue creates a barrier between your lash line and your false lashes. Well I’ve enlisted the help from my Makeup Artist friend to guide us through how to clean your lashes without them falling apart in the process… Continue reading