PICTORIAL: Braid Wrapped Bun

Casual Braid Wrapped Bun

Hi Everyone!
This is my second instalment of braid inspired hairstyles (first one being the fishtail braid). This hairdo can be styled to be casual or formal and it’s so easy that everyone should have a crack at it, to mix up the classic bun.I really like this hair -do, I substituted using a doughnut with a sock- you can do this by cutting the toe end of a thick old sock and rolling it outwards into a doughnut shape.

So here you are, I hope you like it and can follow the pictorial
In case you need any extra explanation, I’ve included step by step instructions below…

Braid Wrapped Bun Pictorial

Step 1: Tie hair into a ponytail.

Step 2: Push the doughnut through your ponytail.

Step 3: Tip your hair over the doughnut so that none of the doughnut can be seen.

Step 4: Position a hair tie to hold the hair in place over the doughnut.

Step 5: Split the remaining hair into two parts and braid to the end and secure with a hair tie.

Step 6:   If your hair is thin, or  you just want the braid to look bigger,  loosen the braid by pulling apart different sections  of  it.

Step 7:  Wrap 1 braid around the bun and pin in place. Then, with the second braid, cover the hair tie from the first braid. Tuck the second braid’s  hair tie under the bun so that it can not be seen.
Use as many bobby pins as necessary to secure the braids.

Now your ready to go,
Do you like the Braid Wrapped Bun look? is it something you would like to try ?

Ameera xx

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