Tips on Saving Money on Makeup / Beauty that Every Girl Should Know

Being a bit of a product junkie, I’ve picked up some tricks that every girl should know to help save money on the high street. These purse friendly tips could help you save a little extra every month.

BACK to MAC Program To promote recycling MAC offers a FREE lipstick every time you return 6 used primary packaging containers (that’s not the black cardboard packaging; it’s the bottles and cases).

Test Before you Buy The Body Shop and many High End Beauty brands offer testers of their products. Ask a sales assistant and take advantage of this and it’ll stop you making impulsive decisions to purchase new products that you end up not liking.

Stand up for your Rights Did you know you can return creams that don’t suit your skin?  I always thought once creams are opened and used you can’t return them, but if it irritates your skin, you can.

Collect Beauty Points Get yourself a Debenhams Beauty Club Reward Card. When you buy beauty products from Debenhams you get points (works in the same way as a boots card), and occasionally they have some amazing deals, for example, if you spend £50 on beauty products, you get £10 on your card to spend. It’s good to have on hand, if you’re going to buy makeup anyway.

Need a trim? Save money on haircuts by becoming a Hair Model. Professional hair salons like TONY & GUY and Headmasters, are always looking for hair models to help train their stylists and offer discounted rates for your service. It’s not for everyone but, if you’re willing to give it a go, you can make a handy saving.

I hope these tips will help you save the pennies, let me know what you think and I’d love to hear any tips you’ve picked up

Ameera x

4 thoughts on “Tips on Saving Money on Makeup / Beauty that Every Girl Should Know

  1. I only found out about that back to MAC thing the other day… BEST IDEA EVER! Im know trying to rummage around to see how many empties I can find haha… love your blog!

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