5 Beauty Bargin Buys under £5

We can’t always splurge on high end makeup/beauty products (even if we’d really want to), but that doesn’t mean we should compromise on quality girls. I’ve picked out some of my favourite beauty products that don’t break that bank, but are still just as impressive.

1. Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner
£2.99 (Superdrug)

Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner 2


I love this eyeliner! You can tell I use it a lot because the words have rubbed off my bottle.

It’s a staple in my makeup kit for very good reasons:

  • It’s a solid jet black colour
  • It lasts all day without smudging
  • The pointed brush allows smooth and precise application
  • & the bottle lasts absolutely ages without drying.

I’ve read some reviews that some people have found the consistency watery, but I’d suggest shaking the bottle before use and waiting a few seconds for the eyeliner to dry after application.

2. The Body Shop Honeymania Lip Balm

I bought this lip balm on a whim because it was near the till, and I am SO glad I did. It’s the best lip balm I’ve ever used.

My lips are prone to dryness which really isn’t a good look, especially when you’re wearing lipstick. Previous lip balms I’ve tried, just feel like a coating of moisture on top of my lips and once the lip balm wears off, so does the moisture.  This is not the case with Honeymania. I really feel like it’s made my lips feel softer and the honey scent is lovely and sweet.

I always wear this lip balm under lip liners and lipstick to improve and sustain the look of my lip products.


3.House of Lashes- Feline
$7.00 (£4.12)

This photo is from  the House of Lashes Website

This photo is from the House of Lashes Website

House of Lashes is a False Lashes company based in California. All their products I have tried so far are amazing. Their lashes are high quality, made from 100% human hair and with proper care can be reused 5 times. I love all their lashes but If your interested I’ll write another post reviewing their premium lashes in the future.

Their Feline lashes are beautiful; they start of short and delicate from the inner corners and gradually thicken and lengthen towards the ends to promote a sexy cat eye look.

This bargain buy is a bit of a cheat, because you need to buy the lashes from their website and delivery to the UK does costs an extra $11.95 (£7.04). But I still think it deserves to be on the list because if you were to purchase a load of products at once from their website it does justify the delivery charge (their adhesive glue is the best).


4. Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint- Papaya
£3.99 (ASOS)

Sorry, My nails aren't the neatest :$

Sorry, My nails aren’t the neatest :$

I’ve always been a big fan of the Barry M Nail Paint because of the range of attractive colours they have on offer.   This Gelly Hi Shine Collection comes in 13 fruit inspired colours and its gel effect features a glossy shine finish.

I bought this Papaya colour when I was in Dubai, it’s a really fun, youthful, summer colour. It has a rich orange hue and needs 2/3 coats for full coverage. The brush enables smooth application and it dries quickly.


5. Quinoderm  5
£3.92 (chemistdirect.co.uk)

My skin is far from perfect, for the last couple years I have struggled with temperamental acne breakouts that have left me with scars and affected my self-esteem.

At points of severe desperation, I tried everything from prescribed, over the counter & herbal products. I even undertook a 6 week laser treatment at a clinic, but perhaps I’ll share my acne story in another post.

I stumbled on Quinoderm 5, when I went to the pharmacy at Tesco’s and literally said “give me something for my acne”.  Its key substances include benzoyl peroxide and potassium hydroxyquinoline sulphate. Previously, stronger strength benzoyl peroxide creams had left my skin noticeably peeling and my very dry and tight to move, so I was very cautious using this. However, I had no problems with this cream, just use a small amount at night and rub in until fully absorbed.

It’s a dual action ability is described as “antibacterial and breaks down surface skin cells (peeling action) to help remove blackheads, unblock pores and prevent excess sebum production”.

This isn’t a miracle cure for acne, but it does help reduce inflammation and for the price I think it’s a real bargain. I keep it in my drawer and pull it out occasionally when I want some extra help with a few pesky pimples. However, I know some use this religiously with great results, just make sure in moments of desperation you don’t put too much on, because it can dry out your skin.


And that’s it; my 5 bargain beauty buys under £5. Let me know what you think and if you’ve tried any of these products, I’d love to hear from you 🙂


Ameera x

10 thoughts on “5 Beauty Bargin Buys under £5

  1. I love the Barry M nail paints but have never tried that colour!! i am suprised due to my extensive collection of them, i will have to give it a go. – it looks so pretty 🙂

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