Choosing the Best Purple Lipstick for You!

purple lipstick

This summer take that bold step and experience the effect of a purple lip. Yes, I know it’s daring, but once you find that right shade for your complexion, it’s a show stopper!

A purple lip can be tricky to get right, but the general rule is that cool skin tones can get away with lighter shades of purple, whereas warmer skin tones can pull off the darker shades of purple.

If you don’t want to go straight in with a bright bold purple, experiment with berry and plum colours. 2 lipstick colours that I love and  suit most skin tones are Flat out Fabulous and Rebel by MAC

Flat Out Fabulous is a nice summer’s day colour, it is a bright pink  lippy with a hint of purple and  Rebel is a bit darker, it’s a berry shade, and works well as an evening lipstick.


Left- Flat Out Fabulous,  Rght- Rebal,

Left- Flat Out Fabulous,
Right- Rebel,


P.S One tip that I like to do to bring out the purple in lipsticks, is to wear it on top of MAC’s Magenta lip liner- it’s a beautiful playful colour.


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